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  •   Capacity Price
    Apartment R3 Apartment for 3 persones from 48 €
    Apartment R2 Apartment for 4 persones (1 bedroom + livingroom) from 54 €
    Apartment R1 Apartment for 5 persones from 60 €
    Apartment K3 Apartment for 3 persones from 48 €
    Apartment K2 Apartment for 2 persones from 36 €
    Apartment K1 Apartment for 5 persones from 60 €


    Apartments Promajna  Promajna apartments Oliva are located just 50 meters from the beach in Promajna. The house has three floors in which there are apartments for 2, 3.4 and 5 people. All Promajna apartments Oliva are air-conditioned with satellite TV and wireless internet. The house has parking for guests in front of house. Also in front of the house there is a large grill that gives the house guests to use. In each apartment there is a microwave, hair dryer and electric kettle. For larger families or groups of friends apartments Oliva have something special. On the third floor there are two apartments. These are apartments R1 and R2. Apartment R1 is the apartment for 5 people and R2 apartment for 4 people. Between these two there is a big terrace with beautiful sea view. For a large family or group of friends this is the ideal combination. There is entire third floor with two apartments for a total of 9 people and a large terrace overlooking the sea. Photos of the apartment and terrace is available here: Apartment R1 and  Apartment R2. Apart from these two apartments Oliva Promajna apartments offer a choice of smaller apartments for 2 or 3 people. We invite you to visit apartments Oliva which are our recommendation.